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David Schaak loves nothing more than great lyrics, loud guitars and old technology, and he brings this love to life through a healthy serving of Southern Americana Rock.

Whether backed by dirty guitars and swirling Hammond organ, or alone on acoustic, his tales of political greed, inequality and mental health sit, in an unnervingly comfortable way, beside the more universal truths of love, loss and loneliness.

In 2019, David took these songs and headed into the studio with producer Lee Griffin and engineer Jason Millhouse from Recordworks (Brisbane), all holding a strict less-is-more policy. Resisting any unnecessary layering or complexity that would hide the all-important human element, the focus was on simplicity and performance – if they wanted a dirty guitar, they turned it up loud. They were joined in the studio by Jen Mize, Brendan McMahon (Tracy McNeil and the Goodlife, Saint Jude) and Marty Smith (Sean Sennett, Wind Up Dolls) who all brought their own brand of magic to the sessions.

“I love it when music can boil down to the basics. Raw, gritty and full of heart this song comes from the darker reaches of the heart.”
– Nkechi Anele, Roots ‘N’ All, Triple J

David’s debut, full-length album, ‘Meet My Ghosts’, will be out mid 2020.

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