David Schaak is a born and bred Melbournian now living, playing and writing in Brisbane.

“When I first started writing I found it really interesting that no matter if a song was about myself or not, someone would always say ‘Hey, It feels like you wrote that about me’. You quickly discover it’s just the human condition. We’re all the same, all dealing with the same problems.”

A lover of great lyrics, loud guitars and old technology, David loves the human side of making music above anything else.

“A lot of people are working really hard, trying to make things easier and more perfect, but music was already pretty simple. You don’t need a whole lot of technology to write a song and play it loud, just a little electricity.”

David is currently in the middle of recording his first full-length solo album. Hopefully it’ll see a 2018 release.

For booking or any other information, fee free to get in touch!

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